About Us

Artscape Inc. was founded in September 1981. Artscape is a professional art-consulting corporation serving national and international clients in the corporate, healthcare, hospitality, and retail sectors. Artscape’s corporate offices and 8,000 square foot manufacturing facility are headquartered in Montgomeryville, Pa. Artscape is distinguished by its ability to select, design, produce, install and maintain the art it provides to its clients. Artscape’s approach has enabled the company to give clients the highest quality products and services. Artscape, Inc. employs 12 staff and uses numerous outside partners to insure the quality and timeliness of its work. During the past 26 years, Artscape has assembled a vast resource library that includes an extraordinarily wide range of art, artists and examples of art solutions executed around the world. Artscape believes that the physical and visual environment greatly contribute to the vitality of the workplace. We intend to reflect the character and mission of our client organizations through the art programs we establish. To do our work well, we listen. We collaborate closely with architects and designers and meet with staff to define each client’s mission and the relationship each client intends to foster with its clients and staff.